Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pump up the Jam

I have a day off today so I'm thinking hmmm what should I do? I have a friend's birthday celebration but that's not until the evening so I still have the whole day to play with...I know what I should do go to the gym but when it comes to the going to the gym I'm always procrastinating.
I joined up to my local leisure centre a month ago and I've been really good going to countless dance classes, aerobic classes, spinning, swimming even water aerobics! However when it comes to the dreaded gym I've only been once :(.

I know I should go more often as it's important for cardiovascular fitness, it could really help me improve my stamina plus I can count how many calories I'm burning but I can't help but find it boring. When I go to a class it's fun I interact with other people and there's a class leader to motivate me, when I go to the gym it's just me and my ipod.
That's where I need the help I'm going to have to use the music to motivate me so if anyone knows of any songs or (play-lists would be even better) that really get you motivated in the gym then please help me out! It would be much appreciated :).


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