Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bikini Trends 2009

The season we all love (to hate!) is nearly upon us...Bikini season!! So wherever you'll be sunning yourself this year make sure your bikini is as hot as the weather with these 3 trends for summer 2009!

Just like last year the cut away swimsuit (monokini) is a big trend for 2009 although this year they have vamped it up with some even more racy and intricate designs. Personally I love cut away swimsuits but it always surprises me that they manage to look more scandalous than a traditional 2 piece bikini when you are actually wearing more! An optical illusion maybe?

The one shouldered theme of autumn and winter is set to continue so expect one shouldered bikini's and monokinis to be a big hit on the beach this summer. I like this look as I think it adds a funky edge to the typical bikini, not too sure if I'll be participating in this trend yet though as I'm not too sure just how much support just one strap will offer!! This may just be a trend better suited to the smaller busted ladies ;)

Animal print bikini's are set to be big again this season and I am definitely not complaining! I love bright colours and interesting patterns so I find that animal print just makes a hot bikini all the more eye-catching. I love the one below!

Leopard Print Bikini- Top £13.75 Bottoms £13.75 available at http://www.asos.com/

So these are 3 bikini trends set to hit the shops this summer, but of course as usual there will be absolutely loads of bikini's to choose from and something to suit everyone so get shopping! And top tip check out Primark in Marble Arch they've got loads of designs to choose from for as little as £6...bargain!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Firing on all Cylinders!

Being born and bred in North London, I am an avid Arsenal supporter!! If you follow football you'll have noticed Arsenal haven't been doing too great lately. A string of defeats at the beginning of the season followed by an inability to score goals more recently had left us trailing Aston Villa in The premiership and contemplating a UEFA cup spot next season. Thus understandably I was nervous this week as we faced Roma in the second leg of our bid to reach the top 8 in the Champions League.

We took a 1-0 lead to the Stadio Olympico so I was hoping that if we failed to score we could at least hold on to that. Unfortunately my hopes were dashed after just 10 minutes when due to some shambolic defending, Juan scored and the playing field was once again even.

All through the game I watched nervously hoping we would score and equally hoping that Roma would not. After 90 mins it was still 1-0 to Roma on the night and 1-1 on aggregate. Thus I had to suffer another nervous 30 minutes...but still no goals. So after 90 minutes at the Emirates and 120 minutes at the Stadio Olymipco the last spot in the final 8 had still not being decided and we were headed for the dreaded penalties! I hate penalties!
Actually I don't hate penalties...I quite like them when my team is not involved. Penalty shoot out between Man United and Chelsea in the Champions League final last year? Loved it! Penalty shoot out in the Carling Cup final between Tottenham and Man Utd a fortnight ago? Found it relatively entertaining. Penalty shoot out between us and Roma on Wednesday? I couldn't bear it! I was absolutely terrified and when Eduardo missed the first penalty I couldn't help but fear the worst.

BUT my team stepped up and they did me proud, the held their nerve and we won 7-6 on penalties! I can't remember the last time I was so excited to see us win (actually when we beat Man Utd earlier this season lol) I was up out of my seat dancing around the room! It was a great feeling and one I've really missed :(

Luckily our good fortune continued and today we pulled out another good performance beating Blackburn Rovers 4-0 and ending our run of 3 games without a premiership goal at home.

So all in all I'd say it's been a good week for us and I am once again a happy Gooner! Now you may say barely scraping into the Champions League final 8 and beating Blackburn Rovers at home is not much to shout about but it's the confidence it brings. We're still in the FA cup, we're still in the Champions League and right now we're 4th in the table. Hopefully my North London rivals can do us a favour tomorrow by beating Aston Villa! And then we'll be back firing on all cylinders :)

Oh yeah one last thing... the cherry on the cake to my great week of footie was Liverpool thrashing Man Utd 4-1 at home! Hahahahahaha that's for all the Man U supporters that continually taunt me about Arsenal!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What a Legend! A reminder of why I love music x

I just came back from seeing John Legend perform live at Brixton Academy so I thought I'd write a quick blog about it. All I can say is wow! That man is an amazing talent. I love all 3 of his albums so was hoping the he would be great live and he did not disappoint. I don't understand how his voice can be so amazing yet so effortless he sounds exactly the same live as he does on CD in fact he sounds better! To top it off he is a superb pianist...and he write his music too his talent just oozes out I am most definitely in awe! Mr. John Legend I salute you...
I took that pic :D

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Trend for Spring...White Nail Polish?

Whilst in the shops recently I had noticed a lot more white polishes on the shelf and when reading a fashion magazine on Sunday I realised why. White nail polish is set to be a big trend for spring, with Chanel recently sending models down the runway wearing bright white nail polish. Hmmm I thought white nail polish sounds kinda random the only white I usually have on my nail is the tip of my french manicure! However never one to discard something without giving it a chance I tried it out and I actually really like it!

I think it's all about getting the right shade of white to suit your skin tone and there are so many options from opaque to iridescent to sheer so have a look around and find one to suit you. Also if you don't want to go for the full on white look that are a lot of off white options too. Let me know what you think is this trend a hit or miss?

The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency...

...Coming soon to a TV near you! Based on the novels Alexander McCall Smith the eponymous agency is located in Botswana. The novels have now been turned into a TV series by the BBC starring the extremely talented Jill Scott as the lead character. Jill Scott plays Mma Ramotswe, Botswana's only female detective. The series also starrs Anika Noni Rose.

Last Easter a pilot of the fist episode was shown on BBC1 and it was absolutely fantastic, if you missed it you missed out! But not to worry the BBC have now filmed the remaining episodes and they will be on our screens very soon. Make sure you keep you eye out for it! Trust me you won't be disappointed.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency on the BBC.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Geek TV

If you regularly read my blogs you'll soon come to realise that I'm a geek, thus my geekdom is reflected in all areas of my life. Recently it has manifested in a love for a new TV programme that is broadcast on BBC2 'Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections'. I first watched this programme last Monday and I thought it was great! The premise of the programme is that Richard Hammond (from Top Gear) looks and some of the world's greatest modern engineering feats and then links them to ancient innovations.

Last week it was based on Taipei 101, the world's tallest skyscraper. Not only did this episode make me really want to visit the Taipei 101 but it also outlined all the engineering secrets behind a skyscraper that manages to stand strong despite being in an area that is susceptible to both earthquakes and tsunamis. The engineering connections ranged from a birdcage to bamboo! I really enjoyed that episode but was still sceptical thinking that maybe it was a one off and I would not enjoy future episodes, however I watched it again yesterday where it featured the Keck Deep Space Observatory in Hawaii and it was just as good. I love learning new things and I love Science so this programme is right up my street, the only sad thing is I missed the first episode of the series...but there's always BBC iplayer :p

Anyway just thought I'd write a quick blog about that as I love finding good things to watch on TV my Mum will be happy too as she hates it when I watch things like Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives lol.

Check out 'Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections' if your interested it comes on at 7.00pm every Monday on BBC2.