Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Saint or Sinner?

I haven't blogged for ages lol...guess I haven't quite got the hang of this blogging lark yet. Anyway whilst at work today my colleagues and I had a rather interesting debate so I thought I'd write a blog about it.

One of my colleagues suggested that when it came to females and their sexual behaviour they were either good or bad. Fair enough...I agree with that, however he expanded on this by saying that if you were a virgin or a wife that had married her one and only sexual partner you were good whereas if you weren't a virgin or had engaged in sexual activity with more than one person you were bad. Thus he stressed that when it came to a female's sexual exploits there was no continuum you were either a saint or sinner...
Of course I had to beg to differ, in my book there has to be a continuum. A female that has had 3 sexual partners all of whom happened to be long term partners cannot in my mind be compared to an extremely promiscuous female who has slept with countless men regardless of how well she knows them!

His argument was that the lady that has slept with her 3 long term partners is still not as good and can never be as good as the virgin or the woman that married her one and only partner so why differentiate her from the ho? My argument is that she is nowhere near as bad as ' Lil' Miss Promiscuous', so why not differentiate?

It was a very interesting debate...but in the end I concluded that he was wrong as life is just not that black and white! What do you think? Once a woman has slept with more than one person is she tarnished? Should there be no distinction between a female that's had 2 partners and one that's had 200?