Friday, 10 April 2009

Just a link...

I saw this video the other day during a rare moment of watching Channel AKA formally known as Channel U. I was really shocked as this is the type of music young people are making and listening to these days.
Not only is the song not great musically I don't think it really gives out the right message to young people regarding relationships. The girl on the track is singing 'All I am is just a link to you...' and dancing around like it's cool and the guy is saying 'you wanna be wife but we both know wifey is a no go!'. Basically it evokes the idea that it's OK for guys to decide that a girl is not good enough for anything but sex...and that females should accept it! It's a dangerous message as I know children as young as 12 that watch Channel AKA all the time and I feel it's giving them a skewed vision of reality, females need to know that there are guys out there that will treat them as more than just a sexual object and guys need to be taught that females deserve more respect than is shown in these types of videos.


  1. I feel like such a granny saying this but i am appalled! lol. what is the world coming to 'ay?

    Anyways, what were u doing watching channel aka? tutt, tutt, tutt. btw what does the 'aka' stand for? I really don't get why they changed the name.

  2. I just sky so I was perusing the channels. Aka stands for 'also known as' the had to change their name cause the company went into administration! Credit crunch lol

  3. I love this tune...Nat you got me hooked. You dont love me, You dont love me lol