Monday, 20 April 2009

Do you remember...?

Following on from my post yesterday about young love who remembers these?

The ones I used to receive (and on occasion send) had yes or no boxes that you had to tick but it's the same idea lol! Simple yet highly effective. Ahhhhh the good old days...

To anyone who never received one of these back in the day, this one's for you!


  1. Hah! I so remember these! A throw-back from the days when you found out a boy liked you from his best friend, and relationships were started based on a check mark in a box. Simpler times...

  2. it was so much simpler back then...i loved when i got the little slips of paper with numbers on them...those were the days.

    ps - I love the raheem davaughn song! i saw him in concert last summer...he humped the stage...don't know if this was a good thing or not...then he put on a crown and this point my mom and i decided to leave...i just reread what i wrote and it sounds like i hate the man! i do love his music!

    pps - i tagged you in my post titled "my first tagging" ...i hope you chose to do it!

  3. Alana thanks for commenting :) that is so true! It would always be 'my friend said he likes you' lol then it was cute but now we'd be like ooo...k and why can't your friend tell me himself?!

    Be one with the the Fro I love Raheem Devaugn's music especially that song cause it's more up tempo than his usual stuff...I haven't seen him live tho but after your review I think I'll give it a miss! I'm gonna check out you first tagging note now!

  4. do you like Chrisette Michele? - I think I spelled her name right

  5. Yeah I do like Chrisette Michele actually she's got a new album coming out hasn't she? I liked her 'I am' album so hopefully the new one will be good!