Sunday, 28 December 2008

Book Worm Weekly

If you looked up 'book worm' in a dictionary there may as well be a picture of me, I absolutely love to read! There's nothing quite like being enthralled by a good book and as I'm known to have my nose stuck in at least one book a week, I decided to start a post called 'Book Worm Weekly' to share my love of reading and hopefully encourage people to read some of the really great books that are out there. I read a wide range of books both fiction and non-fiction on anything from Biology to the literary greats so there should be something for everyone! Each week I'll let my readers know what 'I'm reading this week...' I'll then provide a review and rating of the book that I read the previous week. I'll will also have a recommendation each week of a book that I have read that I highly recommend. That's it, simple! Happy Reading.

What I'm reading this week...This week I'm reading a book by one of my favourite authors Malorie Blackman. The book is called 'Double Cross' and it is the fourth book in Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses sequence. I have read the three previous books so I was really excited when 'Double Cross' was released. Luckily a very thoughtful person bought it for me as a Christmas gift :)

I will review 'Double Cross' next Sunday.

Double Cross (2008) ISBN: 9780385615518

My recommendation...As I'm reading 'Double Cross' this week my recommendation has to be the 'Noughts & Crosses sequence'. The first three books are called 'Noughts & Crosses' , 'Knife Edge'and 'Checkmate'. Malorie Blackman is known for writing children's books and I believe these books are aimed at young adults nevertheless I believe they would appeal to most people regardless of age. The premise of the series is a fictional racist dystopia. The books are set in a world where black people (crosses) and dominant over white people (noughts). The first book centres around two focal characters Persephone 'Sephy' Hadley a cross and the daughter of a prominent politician and her best friend Callum McGregor who is a nought. The book is written in first person from both Sephy and Callum's perspective with Sephy's chapters represented by a 'X' and Callum's by an 'O'. The series of books follow the lives of Sephy, Callum and their families. These books are hard hitting and tackle many of the prominent issues surrounding race and identity. Although these books are aimed at young adults I stress that they are not for the faint hearted and feature murders, hanging, rape and terrorism to name but a few of the happenings. However they are also highly emotive and touching and I can not recommend them enough. I was glued throughout each book and could not wait to get on to the next one, so give them a try I'd be highly surprised if you were disappointed.

Noughts & Crosses series:
Noughts & Crosses (2001) ISBN 978-0385600088
Knife Edge (2004) ISBN 978-0385605274
Checkmate (2005) ISBN 978-0385607735
and of course Double Cross (2008)

I'll be back next Sunday with more books, in the meantime feel free to comment or question or recommend any books for me!


  1. I look forward to the full review of Double Crosses. :-)

  2. it luks lyk i'l b cumin 2u 4 book recommendations den;-)