Saturday, 9 May 2009

Thoughts for Today

I thought I'd start blogging my most prominent daily thoughts...and then perhaps I'll Psychoanalyse myself (I am a Psychology graduate after all) or even better other people can have a go at analysing me too :)

So what did I think about today?? There we two main topics I ruminated on...

Travelling - I actually think about travelling every single day now. For some reason it has now become top on my list of things I want to do and of the utmost importance. I think it's a good thing that I want to experience as much of the world as possible but I also think it's bringing out some not so great qualities in me...for one wanting something so badly can only leave you feeling disappointed when you don't get it or things don't go to plan. Obviously due to time and money constraints I have to plan my travel in a considered manner when really I'd rather just back up tonight and be off travelling the world tomorrow. Sometimes the frustration of not being able to do something I really want or having to wait for it leaves me feeling really down. The second bad quality it brings out in me is envy (*the 6th deadly sin*) I'm not even usually a envious person but when I hear stories of some of the places people I know have been to I cannot help but feel a teeny bit envious. This is a typical envy evoking scenario.
Travelling (and just ever so slightly bragging) friend: "I had such a great time traveling in India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco...(2 mins later), Dubai, Sudan, should really try and do more travelling yourself"
Me (through gritted teeth, a fake smile and deadly envious thoughts): "Wow sounds like you had a really great time I'm so happy for you. I am going to travel I just need to sort out a few things first" (sigh)

Bras - This sounds like a strange one, but at times I find bras super annoying and I don't always like wearing them. I mean they serve an important function and I really do think
they look nice (I love picking out pretty or sexy bras) but I just find them quite restrictive! Obviously I wear a bra and usually it's not too bad cause I wear it just whilst I'm out then I'll take it off when I come in, however I do relish occasions when I don't have to wear a bra which is why I choose certain tops and dresses to wear when I go out so I can go bra-less. The reason bras were on my mind today however is due to the fact that I was at work. The working day is quite a long one considering I leave my house just after 8.30am and don't get home until around basically this means over 10 hours of wearing a bra!! Trust me for someone whose not a fan of bras this is a lonnnnnggggg time! I don't think about bras every time I'm at work because I usually choose a comfy one but today I didn't and once discomfort set in I was reduced to thoughts of the bra burning feminists of the 60s...good times I'd say :)


  1. I have the travel bug as well and I agree it is really hard to find the time and energy to see the places you want. Saying that it is not impossible; take time out or use up as much annual leave as you can.

  2. Yeah I agree it's definitely not impossible and it is something that I really want to do so I WILL do it! :)