Friday, 8 May 2009

Cassie's Naked Ambition

Naked pictures of singer Cassie Ventura were apparently 'accidentally' leaked from her camera phone. I actually like Cassie she's got some catchy songs but it seems odd that the release of these nude photo's 'accidentally' coincide with the release of her new's one way to increase album sales I guess! And she's hot so I'm sure there won't be too many complaints (the full frontal shot took it abit far though!!) Click here for the pics!


  1. ooooo I just played with your balls...

    what fun hahahaha where did you get them?

    hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    don't you ever notice that we start to see naked or scandalous photos of celebs when they are starting to fall out of the spotlight? interesting...

  2. Rihanna has some floating around too now......

  3. Broadband I've seen Rihanna's ones now...I wonder whose next lol

    Be one with the Fro I got my balls through you actually ;) lol I got them from the same place you got you fish! Have a great weekend too I bet you'll be dancing!