Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Geek TV

If you regularly read my blogs you'll soon come to realise that I'm a geek, thus my geekdom is reflected in all areas of my life. Recently it has manifested in a love for a new TV programme that is broadcast on BBC2 'Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections'. I first watched this programme last Monday and I thought it was great! The premise of the programme is that Richard Hammond (from Top Gear) looks and some of the world's greatest modern engineering feats and then links them to ancient innovations.

Last week it was based on Taipei 101, the world's tallest skyscraper. Not only did this episode make me really want to visit the Taipei 101 but it also outlined all the engineering secrets behind a skyscraper that manages to stand strong despite being in an area that is susceptible to both earthquakes and tsunamis. The engineering connections ranged from a birdcage to bamboo! I really enjoyed that episode but was still sceptical thinking that maybe it was a one off and I would not enjoy future episodes, however I watched it again yesterday where it featured the Keck Deep Space Observatory in Hawaii and it was just as good. I love learning new things and I love Science so this programme is right up my street, the only sad thing is I missed the first episode of the series...but there's always BBC iplayer :p

Anyway just thought I'd write a quick blog about that as I love finding good things to watch on TV my Mum will be happy too as she hates it when I watch things like Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives lol.

Check out 'Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections' if your interested it comes on at 7.00pm every Monday on BBC2.

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