Sunday, 18 January 2009


Is it me or has the line between 'Facebook' and 'Myspace' become blurred? Now I was never on Myspace as from what I heard and occasionally saw it was not something that appealed to me. I felt Myspace was primarily a place for promoting your craft whether it be music, art, modelling, comedy...etc so I couldn't understand why a lot of people I knew that had no craft were on there lol I felt they were just promoting themselves...and for what reason? Then I was told there was another reason for being on Myspace 'linking' or forming contacts with members of the opposite sex so I decided I definitely didn't want to be party to it.

Now when Facebook arrived I was understandably sceptical about joining but after being reassured it was nothing like Myspace I joined. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Facebook as I actually really loved it not only did it provide me with a fun and cost effective way to keep in contact with my friends, it also allowed me to reunite with some friends I hadn't seen for ages. Rekindling my primary school friendships would could be better?!
I loved seeing how my friends lives were progressing and discovering how people had changed over the years. Every time I got a friend-request I was excited to see what 'long lost friend' it was or who was my latest acquaintance to join the Facebook craze.

Recently however. that all changed, I am no longer excited when I log in and see friend-requests. I now receive on average 10 requests per day from people I don't know and have no desire whatsoever to get to know. It's beyond me why people want to add random faces they see on the Internet but I have to admit I find it extremely annoying. When I asked one of these randoms 'do I know you?' he said 'no but we can get to know each other, I'm just trying to be social'. Hmmm why not be social with people you actually know?! Now don't get me wrong I am by no means anti social but I just believe in meeting people in the good old fashioned 'face to face' manner instead of over the net. Call me a dinosaur but hey each to their own. Friend's have suggested I change my privacy settings, but then that would prevent people that actually know me from adding me. So I guess I'll just have to leave or put up with it.

Seems as though Facebook is more similar to Myspace than I thought and all social networking sites eventually become a playground for prowlers (and begfriends lol)...sigh


  1. LOL This is so true. I lose count of the amount of 'friend' requests that I get each day and needless to say they all get deleted. I would say that mySpace is for kids and people who want to promote their music or art. Facebook is great for being voyeristic. Have you tried Twitter?

  2. So true. I am looking to only have people I know on Facebook by March 09. That was the reason I left Myspace in the first place.

  3. Lol Facebook is so great for voyeurism as you can basically see what is going on in everyone's life through pictures, status updates etc. I haven't tried Twitter, what's it like?

    Yep you're gonna have a cleanout like me Mas I had a couple of people I didn't know mainly promoters lol they got swiftly deleted